abc TRADUCCIONS offers its interpreting service:

  • Consecutive
  • Simultaneous
  • Meetings
  • Lectures
  • Chuchotage (whispering)

At abc TRADUCCIONS, we offer a quality service with professionals specialised in simultaneous translating/interpreting. If you provide the necessary information, we can take care of all of the details required for simultaneous translation, such as languages, industry or business area, and also the technical aspects (booth rental, hall public address system, presence of technical personnel during the event).

A professional translation service is particularly necessary in business meetings, press conferences, seminars, videoconferences, etc.

In consecutive translation, the interpreter translates consecutively beside the speaker, reproducing the speech in the hearers’ language.

abc TRADUCCIONS has been working in translations since 1987, and has built up an extensive network of native-speaking professional translators.