Sworn translations

TRANSLATIONS DONE BY SWORN TRANSLATORS, CERTIFIED IN EACH LANGUAGE, whose signature and seal give legal validity to the document before any government or official body.

All sworn translations must bear the sworn translator’s signature and seal and state the languages for which the translator is certified.

  • TRANSLATIONS OF BIRTH CERTIFICATES, certificates of criminal record, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, passports, etc.
  • TRANSLATIONS OF DIPLOMAS, academic certificates, academic grades, degree validations, course certificates, etc.
  • TRANSLATIONS OF INCOME TAX RETURNS, annual accounts, wealth tax returns, etc.
  • TRANSLATIONS OF EMPLOYMENT CONTRACTS, business contracts, deeds of sale, etc.
  • TRANSLATIONS OF REPORTS: audits, medical reports, real estate reports, financial reports for investments or loans, etc.
  • TRANSLATIONS OF DEEDS OF INCORPORATION, articles of association, etc.

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